Dual College Enrollment

The High School Bridge Plus Program is designed for High School students who are interested in receiving college credits and the necessary preparation and guidance to succeed in college at an affordable cost. In this innovative model, students take SFC coursework at their own high school, taught by their own high school teachers. There are a broad range of benefits for students who take High School Bridge Plus credits. For example, students gain credit that transfers to most colleges while receiving official SFC transcripts. Additionally, the “Plus” component of our program focuses on assisting students to build college readiness skills and gain the support necessary for success through customized programming, workshops and info sessions which are tailored to the needs of our participating students.

At St. Francis College we celebrate harmony in diversity. As Mayor Dinkins once said, “NYC is a beautiful mosaic - and SFC certainly embodies that mosaic.” St. Francis College has a proud heritage of preparing students to take their places as leaders in their fields and to become contributing members of society. With a mission founded on the ideals and teachings of St. Francis of Assisi, the College plays a vital role in the community and in the lives of its students and alumni.


College Now is an opportunity for our students to earn free college credits via our partnership with CUNY.  These credits are for core classes and are accepted in many colleges across the country.  Students who take advantage of this program can leave Gaynor McCown with an entire semester under their belts at no cost to them!  The classes are offered both at the College of Staten Island and in our own building.  The classes are made up entirely of high school students all learning college curriculum.  The students attend class once a week for the entire semester and begin to form their college transcript. Some of our graduates have returned to McCown and have attested to the fact that they were able to complete college a semester earlier and save tens of thousands of dollars due to their participation in the College Now program.  We expect ALL eligible students to take a College Now course before graduating.  Students are eligible for this program based on their grades, Regents and PSAT/SAT scores.  Reach out to Ms. Blanchard for support in taking a College Now class.

Visit CUNY's College Now website for more information.