Special Education

Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning School recognizes that all adolescents are different in the way that they learn. Students with disabilities are provided with a individualized program of instruction and services designed to best meet their needs.  Please reach out to Ms. Setty at csetty@schools.nyc.gov with any questions.  
Qualifications for all special education services are based on the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).
Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)
SETSS students meet in groups of eight (8) or fewer students one period per day to receive extra support in academic subjects, as well as social and emotional development. Outside of the resource room, these students take general education classes.
Integrated Collaborative Teaching (ICT)
CTT is an inclusion program in which students take classes alongside their peers in general education, but with extra support in the classroom. ICT classes are team taught by a general education teacher who is a specialist in the subject area and a special education teacher who modifies lessons and activities to accommodate the individual needs of students with IEPs.
Small Class
Small class is instruction provided in a 15:1 setting by a special education teacher in as many content areas as a student is indicated in their IEP.
Related Services
Some students receive specialized services in addition to or instead of special education classes. Examples of related services include: paraprofessional support, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education classes, and counseling.
Testing Modifications
These are specified on the IEP, and may include extended time, separate location, and having questions read aloud. Testing modifications usually apply to exams that are longer than a regular class period (Regents examinations and other standardized exams).

Testing Accommodations

Receiving testing accommodations for College Board examinations works differently than for New York State Regents examinations. For Regents, students receive testing accommodations automatically according to their IEP or 504. For College Board examinations, students must apply for testing accommodations and receive approval from the College Board before receiving these accommodations. According to their website, College Board estimates six weeks to review and approve accommodations. Please note that in certain cases, College Board may require students to provide updated neuropsychological examinations or other testing justifications. If your child received a triennial review with full testing in eighth grade and/or in their high school career, this should suffice.

When you apply and are approved for testing accommodations through College Board, the approval lasts for the duration of your high school career. If you wish to change or modify the accommodations at any point, you must contact Ms. Setty and Ms. Blanchard and appropriate steps will be taken.

In addition, when you apply and are approved for College Board testing accommodations, you must utilize them. You cannot refuse or change your mind about using the accommodations on the day of the exam. For example, if you apply and are approved for Extended Time, you will be allotted time and one-half to complete each section of the exam, and cannot move on to the next section until the full time and one-half allocation is over.

If you apply for a scribe and/or a reader for any College Board examination, the exam will be administered over a two-day period instead of one day. In addition, you must take the exam at Gaynor McCown and at no other location offered. Therefore, you should not apply for these accommodations unless you truly need them and want to utilize them.

If you have further questions about the process for services for students with disabilities through College Board, please visit https://accommodations.collegeboard.org/ssd-online. Alternatively, you can contact Ms. Setty (csetty@schools.nyc.gov) and Ms. Blanchard (eblanchard@schools.nyc.gov).

  Please complete the consent form attached if you would like to apply for accommodations for any College Board examinations. These forms should be returned to Ms. Setty in Room 203 no later than November 13, 2020 in order to ensure timely completion and approval of the testing accommodations requested.